Digital Diversity

AMST 475/ DTC 475

always on media log

Starting tomorrow, Thursday April 7, you need to keep a daily media log for ONE FULL WEEK INCLUDING THE WEEKEND documenting how much time you spend using each of the following technologies (if you media multitask estimate how much time for each):

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Online television (netflix, hulu etc)
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Texting
  6. Skype
  7. General internet use
  8. Internet for school work
  9. Computer for school work
  10. Computer for work
  11. iPod (or other MP3 player)
  12. Gaming (online or console)
  13. any other digital technology that takes up more than 30 minutes of your day

**I will post the full assignment later this week, for now start your log and maintain it every day.

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