Digital Diversity

AMST 475/ DTC 475


AMST 475/DTC 475 @ Washington State University

Mon | Wed 10:35-11:50
CUE 409
Professor Kim Christen
Wilson 115 |  335-4177
Office hours: after class or by appointment

Digital Diversity introduces students to the digital landscape by investigating the possibilities and limits provided by new technologies, social media, the Internet and digital culture more broadly. The course focuses on examining the normative claims made in relation to the technological, social, political and economic possibilities of this new landscape. In particular we will pay attention to the inequalities—structural or otherwise—that inform and motivate the use and access to digital technologies, as well as the intended and unintended consequences of new media production on everyday practices, social structures and legal frameworks. The course will examine how race, class, gender and sexuality are performed and put into practice by and through digital technologies and query the limits of these new spaces as both revolutionary and democratizing. We will unpack key claims and discourses that circulate and are mobilized about digital culture and used to provide a backdrop for policy and new practices. The course will familiarize students with a broad range of themes and debates including digital ethics, access to knowledge, surveillance and privacy and democratic digital spaces.

*Students should check the course blog regularly for updates, announcements and any schedule changes.

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