Digital Diversity

AMST 475/ DTC 475

Final Project Guidelines

We started this class by brainstorming what “digital diversity” might mean or look like, how it is practiced, what institutions and beliefs define it and how it effects people globally. Over the semester we have looked at issues that all feed into a complex notion and understanding of digital diversity. For your final class project you must produce a short video showing what digital diversity is.

Your prompt for the video, then, is: digital diversity is…

Using this prompt decide how you want to show what digital diversity is, how it is practiced, lived, defined, created, rejected, etc on a global scale. Be creative. Use any sources you’d like to create the video: a mash-up, interviews, songs, etc. However, your video must have a THESIS. That is, how are YOU defining digital diversity based on the 16 weeks in this class, what is your argument?

It must be apparent to me that you are using the readings, assignments and discussions we have had to formulate your thesis. Your final video should be no shorter than 3 minuets, but it certainly can be longer. In addition to the video you must post a “contextual statement” of no less than 2 paragraphs defining your view using class materials for your evidence. At the end of the statement you must also have a works cited list for BOTH the video and the statement. The final project video will be your last blog post of the semester.

In class next week you will create a storyboard for your final video. A storyboard is like a rough draft on paper. You go step by step through the video. You should have a title, the main points, the visuals and music (or other audio) you will use a clear idea of what your goal is for the video. What point are you trying to get across? How is the best way to make your point? What images, songs, interviews, etc will be the most effective?

You can either sketch in your visuals or cut out images from magazines etc. Either way it needs to be CLEAR to ME what the visual is, what it represents and how you are using it. I will post the template below to produce your storyboards (the first page shows you how to use the template‚ what areas to fill in with what specific information, pages 2 and 3 are two different versions of the template you can use either). Here is the template:digitalstorytellingstoryboard.




2 responses to “Final Project Guidelines

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  2. Laura Coon April 28, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Dear Dr. Christen;

    I remember you offering to look over our videos before final submission, but do not remember when the last day you would do this is. If it has already past, this is acceptable and I will be submitting my video next week as planned before the deadline.

    -Laura Coon-

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