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storyboards for final projects

Due to me by 5 PM this WED April 13, either via email or in my mailbox in Wilson 111.


1. Quizzes graded and up on Angel–these reflect ALL the quiz grades for this semester.

2. Blog assignment 10 is posted under the assignment tab.

project work day: WED 3.30

Tomorrow is a project work day for your groups. You need to meet for the full class time and make progress on your final presentation projects. By the end of the day one of your group members needs to email me with a summary of your work and a progress report showing me where you are at with yur project, what tasks you have identified for each group member to complete and any problems you are having.

Keep up with the readings. Quiz Monday.



No class today, Monday Feb 28.

Keep up with the assigned readings and work on your blog posts.


Your quizes are graded and posted on Angel.

Blog assignment 7 is posted.


1. Assignment 6 is posted under the assignment tab and due next WED

2. Grades are posted in Angel and should be showing up (all but blog assignment #5 are graded)

3. Make sure you check the reading schedule for next week’s readings. There will be a quiz on WED.

Getting the correct time zone on your blog

Make sure you change your time setting so I grade you accordingly for on time assignments.

1. Go to your dashboard

2. go to “settings”

3. go to “time zone”

4. set time zone to UTC -8

5. click “save changes”


There will be NO CLASS tomorrow, WED. FEB 2.

Assignment number four is due by 5 PM on WED FEB 2.

The movie (RIP: a Remix Manifesto) is here:

Follow the regular reading schedule.

The Young and the Digital– order

If you were not able to get “The Young and the Digital” from the Bookie or Crimson and Grey you will need to order it NOW from Amazon or some other online book outlet. Neither the Bookie nor Crimson and Grey will be getting in copies.

Digital Media Ethics–how to get Chapter One

Several people have emailed me saying the Digital Media Ethics book is out at both the Bookie and Crimson and Grey. I will put photocopies of chapter one in the CES main office (Wilson 111) today (Tuesday) by 10 a.m., if you need a copy you can pick one up there.