Digital Diversity

AMST 475/ DTC 475

The Young and the Digital– order

If you were not able to get “The Young and the Digital” from the Bookie or Crimson and Grey you will need to order it NOW from Amazon or some other online book outlet. Neither the Bookie nor Crimson and Grey will be getting in copies.

slides from 1.24.11

slides from 01.12.11

Here are the slides from the last class including the links to the videos that we did not watch.


Assignment one posted

Assignment #1–creating your own blog is posted under the assignment tab.

Digital Media Ethics–how to get Chapter One

Several people have emailed me saying the Digital Media Ethics book is out at both the Bookie and Crimson and Grey. I will put photocopies of chapter one in the CES main office (Wilson 111) today (Tuesday) by 10 a.m., if you need a copy you can pick one up there.

Digital Diversity

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Class begins on Jan 10, 2011 @ 10:35 am in CUE 409.