Digital Diversity

AMST 475/ DTC 475

project guidelines

Here are your group project guidelines:

Group Projects are research driven presentations about a theme generated from current events. Each group will be assigned a topic to thoroughy research and present their findings as well as a clear argument to the group in a 30 minute presentation the last 2 weeks of class.
Groups will:

  • Come up with a clear researchquestion–a question that allows the group to fully understand the topic from several angels. Your question needs to engage the issues of digital ethics, digital diversity and digital culture.
  • Define clear subtopics for research by each team member. You may need to continue to refine your subtopics as you gather more information.
  • Compile sources from 1) news sources from the last 20 months and 2) from scholarly articles or books (including class materials) 3) government or other NGO materials. For your final project you should have 10-15 sources.
  • Work together to compile the research into compelling sections for the research presentation.
  • Define a clear thesis: what is your group’s argument, that is, what are you trying to persuade us to believe about your topic? Before your group goes too far in the research phase you will need a clear argument.
  • Decide as a group on your presentation style. Presentations may include powerpoint slides, short video clips, skits, interactive portions with the class, etc. Be creative. Find a compelling way to get your point across to the group.
  • Meet regularly to share information, build your research agenda, redefine your research question as needed and synthesize the materials from each individual member. This is a GROUP project, not five separate presentations.

grades added / group projects

Your last quiz and in-class work from MON have been added to Angel–don’t forget to hit “refresh” on each page in Angel otherwise you won’t see the most current grades.

Group assignments will be handed out in class on WED, if you are not present in class you will not be able to participate and you will be ineligible for the points. Since you will be working in groups most of class you may want to bring a laptop so that you can begin to research your topics.


No class today, Monday Feb 28.

Keep up with the assigned readings and work on your blog posts.


Your quizes are graded and posted on Angel.

Blog assignment 7 is posted.


1. Assignment 6 is posted under the assignment tab and due next WED

2. Grades are posted in Angel and should be showing up (all but blog assignment #5 are graded)

3. Make sure you check the reading schedule for next week’s readings. There will be a quiz on WED.

Things to fix on your blog

Many of you still need to fix some issues on your blogs. Look at this list and then check your blog to make sure you meet the requirements:

1. All class members on your blogroll

2. change “just another wordpress blog” in the tagline of your blog to something else (you do this on the “settings” page)

3. reset your time zone (see previous post)

4. Add your NAME to your about page and your “about” sidebar otherwise I can’t grade your posts.

Getting the correct time zone on your blog

Make sure you change your time setting so I grade you accordingly for on time assignments.

1. Go to your dashboard

2. go to “settings”

3. go to “time zone”

4. set time zone to UTC -8

5. click “save changes”

digital ethics debates next week

We have debates scheduled for Mon and Wed next week.

Here is the debate format we will follow in class on MON and WED next week:

Intro — 4 min each–this is an overview of the subject

Each group then will alternate and provide a total of FOUR points to PROVE their argument.You must use evidence taken from credible sources to prove your points.

You will have 3 minutes per point.

The other side will have 1 minute rebuttal. We will switch back and forth.

1 minute conclusion to wrap up your argument.

Class votes

Remember you must use CLEAR and CREDIBLE EVIDENCE to support your argument and every member of your group must participate in an equal manner.


All quiz grades are now posted on the Angel course site, you should be able to access the site through your MyWSU portal.

Blog grades will be posted shortly.


There will be NO CLASS tomorrow, WED. FEB 2.

Assignment number four is due by 5 PM on WED FEB 2.

The movie (RIP: a Remix Manifesto) is here:

Follow the regular reading schedule.